Mind Your Manners


I usually enjoy going to the mall, now that’s an understatement. I love going to the mall, and back in the day I even enjoy going to the mall by my lonesome. I can even watch a movie by myself. I enjoy eating in a restaurant, happily people-watching, sipping coffee in a corner booth, contemplating my next steps, drafting my future. Yes, I know, boring, but being the introvert that I am, you cannot wholly explain the satisfaction that you get with being alone. It’s not like I hate being around people. Well I sometimes do with all honesty, especially with people I don’t particularly like. And I actually hate myself for being too transparent with my feelings.  I don’t hold back with letting them feel my indifference (bitch I know). What can I do?  Well, that’s not the purpose of this post actually. I am writing about my change of heart with regards to going to the mall.  When before I used to enjoy it tremendously, now I would really think many times over if I would go,  for a variety of reasons. First and foremost I have to check if the mall is PWD-friendly.  Near us, it’s Ayala Fairview Terraces which  fits this requirement. But I have reservations with that recently since AFT is slowly becoming a ghost town with shops closing because of probably lack of sales.  A mall with shops discreetly covered with wood boards is not a pretty sight. So I go back to choosing SM, with its crowded mall filled with undisciplined shoppers. I have had many experiences with SM mall shoppers who don’t feel the need to extend basic courtesy to people like me. There was an instance I was just in a  cane in the grocery when a young big guy who was obviously goofing around with his friends bumped into my then skinny frame (yes, I was skinny back then), I almost fell to the floor with the impactof his chubbiness  and I did not even heard him apologize, it’s like nothing happened while his friends continue to laugh like hyenas (insert angry emoticon).

That is why I really appreciate SM’s initiative to educate mallgoers with basic mall etiquette. The videos which have been shared minimally by netizens, can be found in YouTube but I’m posting it here too. Netizens unfortunately don’t find it too important to be shared, they would rather share obscene videos or pictures of guys with muscular behinds or political memes maligning our president.

I believe it’s now time for Filipinos to be disciplined  in many areas and the “lakwatserong Pinoy should start with mall etiquette, who knows maybe when we’re adept with this we could next master traffic etiquette or  maybe fine dining etiquette? now that’s rubbing it too much


elevators in malls are small as it is and very few, what i don’t understand is why is it that  people who are very much “able” feel the need to scramble their way into an elevator with very prominent signs indicating giving priority to elderly, pregnant, those with kids on a pram and  handicapped people.Another thing i noticed is kids – giggling teenagers do not show courtesy at all and acts with a no-nonsense attitude when riding a lift. that is why i really think this topic should be included in the curriculum as early as in  grade school, or is it already there? i dont know.  back when i was still “normal” not once did i use an elevator in the mall i just find it too slow. i used it when i was with the kids pushing a pram

here is SM’s video of Elevator etiquette, by the way ate girl really did a great job!  although im just curious if she lost her voice after shooting all the videos , high-pitched e

Last Saturday we went to SM and after more than a week of  having the videos uploaded online, there was no effect whatsoever with mallgoers behaviour as evidence of the pics i took. Just look how crowded that lift is , and the number of able-bodied peeps far outweigh those whom they should give priority to. Oh well discipline folks! discipline! obviously my wheelchair can’t fit right? so we had to wait for  quite a long time before we could ride.



We were really amazed by how disciplined Singapore people were when we went there 4 years ago. I got a first-hand take on escalator etiquette when we literally scourge the malls of the city. back then I thought, this is really an awesome idea and how i wish we could do this in the Philippines. i didn’t  think it was too difficult to implement , but boy i was wrong. the clingy Pinoys cant seem to unlock their arms with their lovers albeit for a few minutes going up or down an escalator not minding those who are in a hurry behind them. keber ang mga lola mo.  not even with very prominent signs displayed  by the foot of the escalator


here’s the SM video of escalator etiquette, please do watch and understand, pretty please. i long to see this being applied at least before i die, chos. nagsusumamo lang

And here is the situation in reality: going down the two guys seem to know the rule, or maybe because there weren’t too many people . the escalator ascending is a different story, just look at them  all twinning.


Lastly, SM also did a

PARKING ETIQUETTE video which i think was really great because they emphasized on the need to not use the designated parking slot for PWD  when you’re not really a PWD . unless of course you want to be :]

well that s it. now that the cat is out of the bag  I hope we could all take our sweet time educating ourselves for the benefit of those who need our courtesy  while we’re at the mall. Lastly, thanks SM!