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Just a thought.
Our country was sick for a very long time. In fact, this was what we were called— “Asia’s sick man”. While our ASEAN neighbors soared and did figure 8’s in the sky, there we were, stuck in the mud— skeletal, gaunt cheekbones clutching our stomachs because we were famished and we could barely move.
We were weighed down by corruption. One of our biggest—if not our biggest problem was that those whose job it was to make us well were in fact the ones who made us the sickest–our disgusting public servants.
The biggest thieves of the republic. Plunderers in fact who, it seemed, had an ongoing pissing contest on who could piss on the Filipino people the most.
It had gotten so bad that we stopped looking to them for solutions because it was a given—they were our biggest problem. On top of that, they got…

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A Thug Leader


I am editing this post because would you believe i made a mistake on my age? had it not been  for my husband who pointed it out I wouldn’t even realize that I aged myself by a year.

I am 37, not 38  and I have participated in 3 National Elections but I have never been involved and politically conscious until now. I don’t know how it happened, maybe because I am online most of the time and I have experienced the atrocities of living in Imperial Manila – the traffic, red tape, corruption that was blatantly displayed all over.  And there came a time I told myself, “Enough is enough”. I wouldn’t want my children to experience the same when they grow older. I was mad at the personnel of the city government  who accepts bribe in exchange of faster processing of health and occupational permits, I was extremely agitated  sitting for hours in my car in the middle of an EDSA  parking lot with a bursting bladder. I would be clutching my fist watching the evening news filled with cases of theft, rape and murder. It was just so sad and I was beginning to really worry for what the future will be not just for my children but for the rest of the young generation of this country. So when Duterte finally announced he will run for the position I never hesitated to campaign for him even just in my personal Facebook page. Even until now I would post something to be on his defence when I find issues about him very unfair. Yes, I am that kind of believer. You may call me a fanatic, a blind supporter, you can call me anything you want, I won’t take it against you, oh no I will pala, because it’s my prerogative to be how I am, just as I leave you with your own belief. I actually asked myself what I am, because it’s new to me.  Most people who know me would probably describe me as passionate, because I really am. In just about anything I delve into. In my job I take full responsibility of everything. I took my job to heart. When I like something I would write about it, I would talk about it to anyone who would care to listen, I would look for people who have the same affinity as mine so I wouldn’t bother to talk to people who will just listen half-heartedly. With Duterte, yes I am a fan of the man. Who wouldn’t? Oh well, I know the answer to that – the Noisy Minority.  So in honour of my “idol” the mass murderer, psychopath and fentanyl-addict thug leader of my beloved Philippines I will dedicate a tab here in my blog of my favourite articles written about him.  But since I am literally a blog-virgin kind of, I don’t know when it will be up because I will have to Google it or watch you tube videos on how to do it, so it might take me 48 years or 48 hours, I don’t know.

Aldub You

aldub youMy last blog post was in early July. No, I was not busy, what could I be busy with? Anyway, my mind is blank, I don’t actually know what to write. Well, I guess this happens when your life becomes so naturally boring, filled with routinary activities. Wake up, help the kiddo dress up for school, take a nap , do dumbbell exercises, welcome kiddo from school, have lunch, watch TV, watch TV, play COC, nap again, merienda, check kiddos assignment, watch the news, have dinner, prepare for bed, lie down, read a book, pray, then sleep, repeat this every day until you realize it’s your birthday, its Christmas, there’s something new to break the chain of events of your mundane life. Well, all that changed in July. 2015. Ever since that blessed day in July 16, I got something new to look forward to. I am talking about the Aldub fever! What else?. Well, if you are rolling your eyes right now please go away stop reading and dont ever come back. This is my blog and I will write whatever I want. Walang makakapigil sa kin! I am actually writing to dedicate a post to an institution who has given me so much to be hopeful for. Well, for the sake of those who don’t know my background (crossing my finger that this will reach them). I had a haemorrhagic stroke 2 ½ years ago which left me half paralyzed. I am now a hemiplegic. I stopped working for very obvious reasons. I had a career as a manager of a high end coffee shop for close to 10 years when it happened to me. So since I can’t work I had to stay at home and be a professional bum. I have so much time in my hands now to do things I don’t normally do when I was working. While I was recovering after the operation I was so depressed and hopeless. I am very self-reliant and I know that there’s no one to help me out of my situation but myself. I had to wriggle out of depression I don’t want to burden my family anymore since they have done so much already. I thought of suicide, yes. That was how depressed I was. I entertained myself by reading books, watching movies, playing COC, logging on Facebook, twitter, instagram, and doing this blog. I also realized I need to be happier, laugh more, so I started watching Showtime, yes Showtime ladies and gentlemen. I find VG funny that’s why I even watch GGV on YouTube. Eat Bulaga is my sister Mel’s favourite. Never a day goes by that she doesn’t watch it, she even had her son (pinaglihi kay RyzzaMae) sorry I don’t know the English word for that. On the influence of my sister I began watching EB early 2014. And I really look forward to the Juan for All segment specially when Marian was still there. Every day I try to watch, then the segment added the Problem Solving portion (which I think was imitated by the rival show through their Advice Ganda portion) I loved the character of Wally Bayola as Doktora the Explorer. I would laugh cathartically and if I could only roll on the floor I think I would because of the hilarity of each solution she offers to the person who wanted help. That is why when Doktora left I felt a little sad. When the character of Lola Nidora emerged along with Yaya Dub in the beginning I honestly wasn’t impressed, I even tweeted about it that I find the tandem not funny at all so I would switch channel. But all that changed after the July 16 episode. I kept on saying that I saw how the love team formed since day 1 and I know that everything is real, no scripts, even if there is, it was not in verbatim. Since then I have something to look forward to each day. I would wake up happy since the previous night I was laughing in the bed watching replays of the Kalye serye. I would plan my day so that by 1pm I am already sitting comfortably in front of the TV. Plan, meaning I already took a bath, had lunch, etc. Aside from being a hemiplegic, I also have Adenomyosis which makes my period a hell each month, I dread it coming because I would literally be helpless in bed because of so much pain. in August right before the first day of my period I watched about 3 episodes of Kalye Serye, ( the butones episode, the one where Lola fainted and another one) I watched it over and over , surprisingly the next day I was expecting the worse but the pain was a little bit bearable, and I attribute it to the good mood I felt watching episodes of Kalye Serye, and that’s what I mean when I said that Aldub is a blessing to me. Some won’t understand, others would criticize. But as an old cliché goes “do more of what makes you happy”. This is what makes me happy. Walang pakialamanan. *pabebe wave*.So there, I really wanted to thank Eat Bulaga for bringing theKalyeSerye to us. You just don’t know how much you have made each day a blessing to us. Please keep your unwavering passion for making people happy burning every day. To Jowapao, your contribution to the success of Kalyeserye does not go unnoticed.To Maine and Alden, thank you for riding on this hype. You may not like it every single time but think of all the people you have made happy including me. Consider this your blessing too. Aldub you. Here’s the July 16 episode to those who want to watch

My Love Affair with Books

I am a book worm. My love affair with reading started when I was 3 years old. I owe this to my Tame;tame

Tita Mary is my paternal aunt. She stayed with us while she was studying BS Education at PNU. I believe we (my sisters and I) were her first students. She was diligent and by the time I was 4 I can already read, write and do math. That is why upon reaching 5 years old I was already in Grade 1. I can never thank her enough for instilling my passion for learning. I was born in Tondo Manila. And we stayed there until I was 6 years old. Tondo to many is a chaotic place, that is true, that is why Tatay, worked really hard to be able to afford transferring to QC where we can live more peacefully, but Tondo is where I started to enrich my passion for reading, who would’ve thought? I remember there’s an old house in Tello St. the house is located in a dark alley, smelly and dirty, there are drug addicts lurking in corners but I seemed to be oblivious to them. I would run to that alley clutching the coins I collected, run up the old wooden rickety stairs to reach my destination. This old house rents comics and I delight in the comics laid out on the table. I love the smell of the paper and I would spend a while choosing my read for the day. You might be thinking what kind of comics, well; I was only 4years old then. And my favourite that time was Funny Comics.

funny comics I love Niknok and planetPlanet of the Apes. So there, those were my first exposure to reading.
Tame may have taught me to read but I know I inherited my love for reading from Tatang,tatang my paternal grandfather. Tatang can read just about anything he can lay his hands on, and he can read for hours only stopping to eat and probably to go to the restroom. I remember he even reads my collection of Sweet Valley High and Sweet Dreams books. It doesn’t matter what genre just as long as it’s on paper and has words, he’ll read it.
In high school, my best friend Fiona and I would spend a lot of our time in the library and there I started to like reading Nancy Drew. By the time we’re done with 2nd year I was able to read all the Nancy Drew books in our library. This eventually proved to be valuable in my professional career as I did a lot of sleuthing and was able to catch a lot of thieves. I graduated from Nancy Drew and moved on to more mature suspense-mystery novels. In college I delved into reading Sheldon and Grisham. I loved it a lot that I vowed to myself I would collect all Sheldon books and I was able to achieve that. The books are now safely tucked in my book shelf waiting to be read by my kids hopefully when they grow up.
After graduating from the university I landed a job and since I’m not into the social scene I prefer to stay at home, read and be alone, the introvert that I am. My salary would be spent on books and during those times I would be eagerly waiting for the release of the Harry Potter books. I would buy the hard bound ones and I remember going to National Bookstore to be enlisted on their reservation sheet. On the first day of release I would be there eagerly waiting for my copy, not minding the cost. I recall it was worth above Php1000 to which I don’t care. Upon reaching my seat on the bus I would start to read, only stopping when prodded by the bus conductor. After Harry Potter I moved on to reading Tolkien and even that I splurge on.
Somebody urged me to try reading one novel, but I really never got the hang of it. I even bought it to her insistence. She wouldn’t stop bugging me about it until I bought it and she borrowed it and never returned the book I never finished on reading. She said it was really good and it was in her most favourite movie. It was Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. I know it’s a classic and highly acclaimed, very intellectual, but it didn’t float my boat. I guess, it’s really to each his own. But still would love to have it back. We parted not in good terms so I guess shell never return it anymore.
Now, as much as I would love to read an actual book I it’s proving to be a lot difficult so I opt to read using my ipad. Currently, I’m reading George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones collection. Using my Good reads app. I can discover new authors and I have found to like Patterson, Emily Griffin and a lot more. I know I have passed on this passion to my kids because now you’ll often find them huddled in their room reading a book their Ate Mikee and Lola Cel sent. Kali is now reading A Diary of a Wimpy Kid, while my little boy is still on the nursery rhyme stuff, which is still exceptional.