Not a Parental Advice

To say that “raising” millennial kids these days is difficult is an understatement. You see, we could list a lot of things that makes parenting them tiresome and hard but i don’t want to go into that. Everything is hard period. that we have to face every single day.  So instead of going all shrink-like , I just want to make a suggestion of the things I do to make it easy to manage them. I have a 7-year-old and a 9-year-old who makes it their past time to fight all the time and finds immense satisfaction in telling me that they are bored. I realized back when I was their age I never bugged my parents about getting bored, instead i look for ways to entertain myself and make time fly, specially during the long hot summer days. These days they are so damn lucky having to go on out-of-town trips every summer sometimes more than twice. I can’t blame my parents for not being able to do that for us  back in the day, but hey, i never complained. I’m fine with our Betamax playerbetamax


(hindi VHS ha!) (with the fancy rewinder):)


🙂 and ogling at our cousins’ Atari next door watching them play  Pacman, Donkey Kong, Galaga and Pinball for hours, yes just watching.atari

Or maybe listening to our old trusty component and recording my voice on the cassette tape singing Air Supply or Francis M. See?, growing up in the 90’s is fun! specially  playing Langit Lupa, Patintero and Chinese garter outdoor .Now, they have Ipads flat screen TV’s with cable signal ,PS3’s ,Netflix,  Facebook! for crying out loud! and they still get bored! Of course, being the responsible parent we have to limit their screen times, I only give them a budget of 3 hours every week and only during Fridays and Saturdays, they have to decide if they want to consume all the 3 hours in one day or divide it in 2 days, up to them, generous na ko ng lagay na yan ah. And I’m happy that they don’t complain since they got used to it since I trained them for that beginning at an early age.

So going back to the activities, I tried teaching them some of the games the easy ones  like Taguan pong, Langit Lupa and Dr. Kwak Kwak. the rest were taught in school under MAPEH. but  others can be viewed on YouTube like these games:



But lately, since its been raining most days and they are tired when they arrive home from school we just watch good old-fashioned movies from the 80’s and the 90’s. I really do think its great  for them to at least see how things are back then even just through old movies, and kse po ang hirap mag explain at magdescribe ano ba itsura ng  mga desktop computers dati, and the only adjective that works for me is Jurassic, and they’re not familiar with that yet. And lets face it, kids are visual learners, they will only listen for 5 minutes and their mind would wander off to lalaland, so why not capitalize on that visual aspect? We have been doing this for almost 2 weeks already and I can say that its kinda successful. you get to bond with them, educate them and they look forward to going home  and spending time with you every day!

The movies we have already watched are the following:

  1. et
  2. batteries not incl
  3. MV5BOTQ1NTg4MDAtOGU0OS00ZGQwLTliZjQtNDEzZjAzZGI5MjFjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTI4MjkwNjA@._V1_UY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_
  4. Honey_I_blew_up_the_kid_film_poster
  5. Parenttrapposter
  6. 220px-Richierichposter
  7. index
  8. big-movie-poster-1988-1010486510Forrest
  9. Speed_movie_poster
  10. american tail
  11. 51R1AD1Y6AL._SY445_


And our list is not yet done as we still have the following to watch:

  1. The Little Rascals
  2. Splash
  3. The Secret Garden
  4. Casper
  5. Problem Child
  6. Back to the Future
  7. Babe
  8. Addams Family
  9. Lady and the Tramp

There, I hope that helps you a little,feel free to add more titles on the list. Happy watching! Don’t forget the popcorn!



I Know Because Im a Parent

Sundays are supposed to be family day but I have no choice but to go to work since in our industry you cannot have a fixed rest day, no regular family day. Some families stay at home and have a hearty lunch then be glued in front of the tv for some entertaining. Some go malling and window shopping with their kids in tow. And no matter how crowded the malls are these families never fail to be in attendance. As a parent, and a new one for that matter, I really want what’s best for my child. I know parents only want their kids to enjoy their childhood and have great memories and stories to tell when they grow older. Whether these memories take place in a park, mall, in the province or even in school. That is why I found it really troubling when last sunday
at work we encountered a very unusual family, actually a very unusual set of parents. I was having a meeting with my assistant manager when one of my barista approached our table and informed us that there’s a very horrible smell in one area of the store, in the smoking area. Some customers apparently asked if we have a comfort room because they smell something really bad. Since we don’t have a comfort room, Marvin, my barista together with the security guard investigated where the stench was coming from. And voila! A kid, a girl, around 9 years old pooped there in the smoking area, beside her parents’ table. The parents, both of them were busy typing in their laptops, oblivious of what happened to their child. I told Marvin to give the mother newspaper so she could pick up her child’s poop. Because I for one would not let any of my baristas pick it up since we are handling food. And to everyone’s surprise the mother did not budge and ignored Marvin and continued to type relentlessly in her laptop. Eventually since they would not clean it up the guard volunteered to pick up the poop. And the child , with poop on her dress sat on the table adjacent to her parents and scattered some of her poop on the clean chair. I mean, hello! This is your daughter! She is not even a toddler anymore! How can you let this embarrassing situation happen to her? And okay, it’s done, she pooped already, how can you just ignore her and not teach her the right manners such as wiping up and cleaning herself. She is 9 years old for crying out loud! In 4 years time she will be a teenager already. Is this the kind of memory you would want to imprint in your childs’ mind? That on a sunday, on a family day, my parents left me behind to fend for myself, in a place where most people gather to enjoy, have coffee with friends and family and have the best of that day. If both parents were doing office stuff I don’t give a damn, it is not a matter of life and death. If they wouldn’t want to be disturbed they should just left their daughter at home with the yaya. And if they don’t care at all they shouldn’t have decided to have one in the first place.

Summer Lovin’

Being a mother is hard, harder when you are physically challenged. Kids do not yet understand even if you try to make them. So what do you do if you have over 100 days of free time with them? I have made a list in my mind: practice reading and writing, pancake making, talent show, baking, as much as I would like to do arts and crafts. Honestly it’s quite difficult doing with just one arm. So the list gets cut short. I also have to check my stamina and endurance as well as my blood pressure. It doesn’t help that kids are impatient and wants to get on tasks on the time they want to so one lesson I learned: do not go announcing about your task not until you are really all set and prepared to start, otherwise they’ll just bug you endlessly and ask a million questions.
Kali and Zaki knows me to be an efficient mother. I get things done so fast and I multitask so well that I finish loads of things in a short amount of time. When I make a list of to-do things. I end up finishing them under the time I set myself to finish, adding a few tasks here and there. Fast forward to now: I move super slowly I cannot accomplish something without another person’s help. Well, I guess I’ll just have to admit to myself that it’s different now. It’s not like before. I need to accept the truth that I am not who I used to be but it doesn’t diminish my worth one bit. So going back:
We have done a lot of activities already:
March23- we baked chocolate chip cookies with the help of papa.Image
Early April – I printed their favourite characters and we did water colour activityImage
Mid April – we made mango refrigerator cake, it’s an easy recipe which is all about layering of ingredients so you can just give instructions to them.
April 19 – together with cousins Toni and Charli we did oatmeal facial and foot spa. This one’s a bit messy so you have to be sure you have towels ready. ate Amy helped us with scrubbing the feet of the little ones with a used tooth brush. And washing their face after the mask dried up.Image
And today may 2 we baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.Image

when you are physically challenged or say disabled. your disability should not stop you from becoming who you are to your family or your children. this is the least i could do for them. i know they have been traumatized by what happened to me. traumatized, specially the kids who are suddenly living a different life.