The Fault in My Star

WARNING: Major Spoiler Alert!
A lot of people, especially those hyphenated “intellectual ones probably think that The Fault in our Stars is overrated. Well. I am neither hyphenated nor intellectual. My surgeon thinks I’m smart but he took a part of my brain out so i don’t think I’m not as smart post-surgery. Anyway, giving a book review is quite a difficult task to manage, so instead of a review I just want to share my favourite parts in the book. Favourites mainly because I could relate to it so much having a dreaded disease like theirs, no not like theirs because theirs are just hopeless cases.
1. The part where Isaac was telling Hazel about his visit to his doctor and he told his doctor “I’d rather be deaf than blind. And he realized he didn’t have a choice. No, we don’t have a choice in our sufferings. We only get to decide whether to give up or go on. When you are in a dire situation its natural for you to blurt out. “I wish I could just have that instead of this. “ that is why it really irks me a lot when people post in Facebook “currently having a bout with fever” like fever is going to kill you. They make such a big deal about fever, headache, toothache, back pain, insect bite. Well news flash, it could be worse, so get on with your life. Go to work, go to school, finish that project, make friends. Unfriend some, start a hobby, look for a job. Clean your toenails well. Well, it’s the most neglected part of the body. And while you’re at it read a book. I remember about 7 years ago I met a really nice customer who became our regular. Sir Jason. He’s tall and mestizo. And when you say nice customer. In Starbucks it’s quite unusual to meet nice customers. Sir Jason is soft spoken, polite, you know he’s rich but he’s not condescending. He would even say “po”and sometimes strike a conversation with us. I really grew fond of him. He stopped visiting after a while and when he came back all his hair was gone and he was thin. I asked him why he was gone a long time and he just said he got sick and he has cancer. I silently said a prayer for him and thought to myself. Everyone gets cancer. We will probably all die of cancer. We just need to wait what kind of cancer our body will succumb to. And if I had the choice back then I thought I can have hair cancer if there is such a thing. Why hair? Because I got plenty and they are thick and long. And I don’t care if they will be taken away from me. I guess I chose my cancer so quickly. Because it’s confirmed, I googled it, there’s no hair cancer. But all your hair will be gone when you have cancer of whatever type because of chemo. Fast forward to today, I lost all my hair because of brain surgery and not cancer. And it’s growing back now. When I’m having a difficult time getting things done say like, putting on a shirt or walking to the kitchen to curb my hunger, or scrubbing my right arm I would stupidly think I wish God just gave me TB or sore eyes and not this. And more stupidly at times I would think of something in the same level as mine. I wish I just had cancer. Oops! No. God I don’t really mean that. I’m just joking. Cancer is difficult to cure and mortality rate is low. So my decision- I will carry on and continue living because life is good and God is great.
2.”Love is keeping the promise anyway” – this is the nicest quote in the book for me. When you love it is meant to last till the very end. Some people have been cynical about love that they enter into a relationship just so they can say that they are in a relationship with so and so. While some in the middle of strife just give up on the relationship and lie that its only because they don’t want the aggrieved one suffer longer like they needed to be thanked for cutting it abruptly, like what Monica did to Isaac. When you get married you promise in front of people who matter to you and in front of God that you’re going to weather all the storm. And stay together in sickness or in health. Till death do you part. It is difficult stay put when you see the world out there, much better without the suffering. That is why my love for Lay more than quadrupled after all that has happened because he fulfilled and kept on fulfilling his promiseand I know deep in my heart that he will stay and even if I push him he would not budge. And why will I push him out? (more to that on my next post.)Like Anna. I am like a grenade. Anytime I can explode.. I pray that that explosion would happen later than sooner. I am not yet ready. I still have a promise to Lay that I will get well and we’ll do the things we used to do again.and im going to keep that promise