This is it!

Yesterday morning our oven arrived and my! I was so excited! It was just as I envisioned it to be except for the color. I actually wanted a cotton candy pink oven but of course, it was not just mine but the husband will be using it too, nakakahiya naman sa kaartehan ko. So of course, we had to make a compromise. and since he has such a good taste and reasoning I let him choose the color and he chose bronze.Reason? he really likes the color of the new Fortuner, so kahit sa oven na lang parang naka Fortuner na din kami. I dont think the picture captured the color though, sayang.



To those asking, we actually bought it from Bakewil Manila located in:  722 Jose Abad Santos Avenue near Quiricada Street, Tondo, Manila
Telephone: 401-7877
Mobile: +63 917 8919645/ +6399 85371090

they have a website too


They actually deliver for a cost, and i like that they customize the oven to your liking.



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