Kali’s Kitchen

I have decided to make good use of my time and help Lay (the hubby) with finances by putting up a small home-based business(that i hope you will all support). At this stage I am actually testing recipes first to make sure that hindi ako mapapahiya sa inyo. Yesterday I made Gourmet Tuyo in would you believe it? extra virgin olive oil, soshal di ba? oh well, wala kaseng regular olive oil so I made use of that for the meantime. We will be able to taste the sample by Saturday pa cause according to instruction it needs to sit for at least 5 days to incorporate all the flavors.Aside from Gourmet Tuyo there are other goods we plan to make, and with the help of a genetous aunt we are able to buy a big oven for this endeavor, thanks auntie! So far, here’s the list:


Gourmet Tuyo


Chili Garlic Oil

Bangus  Sardines, Spanish Style


Food for the Gods


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Banana Bread

Carrot Bread

Cream Puff

I am so proud of myself cause I was able to make our own logo, yun nga lang may watermark  :]



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