Radical Rody


Just a thought.
Our country was sick for a very long time. In fact, this was what we were called— “Asia’s sick man”. While our ASEAN neighbors soared and did figure 8’s in the sky, there we were, stuck in the mud— skeletal, gaunt cheekbones clutching our stomachs because we were famished and we could barely move.
We were weighed down by corruption. One of our biggest—if not our biggest problem was that those whose job it was to make us well were in fact the ones who made us the sickest–our disgusting public servants.
The biggest thieves of the republic. Plunderers in fact who, it seemed, had an ongoing pissing contest on who could piss on the Filipino people the most.
It had gotten so bad that we stopped looking to them for solutions because it was a given—they were our biggest problem. On top of that, they got…

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