A Thug Leader


I am editing this post because would you believe i made a mistake on my age? had it not been  for my husband who pointed it out I wouldn’t even realize that I aged myself by a year.

I am 37, not 38  and I have participated in 3 National Elections but I have never been involved and politically conscious until now. I don’t know how it happened, maybe because I am online most of the time and I have experienced the atrocities of living in Imperial Manila – the traffic, red tape, corruption that was blatantly displayed all over.  And there came a time I told myself, “Enough is enough”. I wouldn’t want my children to experience the same when they grow older. I was mad at the personnel of the city government  who accepts bribe in exchange of faster processing of health and occupational permits, I was extremely agitated  sitting for hours in my car in the middle of an EDSA  parking lot with a bursting bladder. I would be clutching my fist watching the evening news filled with cases of theft, rape and murder. It was just so sad and I was beginning to really worry for what the future will be not just for my children but for the rest of the young generation of this country. So when Duterte finally announced he will run for the position I never hesitated to campaign for him even just in my personal Facebook page. Even until now I would post something to be on his defence when I find issues about him very unfair. Yes, I am that kind of believer. You may call me a fanatic, a blind supporter, you can call me anything you want, I won’t take it against you, oh no I will pala, because it’s my prerogative to be how I am, just as I leave you with your own belief. I actually asked myself what I am, because it’s new to me.  Most people who know me would probably describe me as passionate, because I really am. In just about anything I delve into. In my job I take full responsibility of everything. I took my job to heart. When I like something I would write about it, I would talk about it to anyone who would care to listen, I would look for people who have the same affinity as mine so I wouldn’t bother to talk to people who will just listen half-heartedly. With Duterte, yes I am a fan of the man. Who wouldn’t? Oh well, I know the answer to that – the Noisy Minority.  So in honour of my “idol” the mass murderer, psychopath and fentanyl-addict thug leader of my beloved Philippines I will dedicate a tab here in my blog of my favourite articles written about him.  But since I am literally a blog-virgin kind of, I don’t know when it will be up because I will have to Google it or watch you tube videos on how to do it, so it might take me 48 years or 48 hours, I don’t know.


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