And so yesterday morning and this morning i found myself getting sentimental over a song while mopping the floor. Yes, I can do that now for your information. How sentimental? Well, for one, i didn’t realize i already have tears rolling down my face. I was listening to disc 2 of Lea Salonga Live album and upon reaching track 7 which is Journey, i tasted saline when a drop of tear fell on my lips. I suddenly remembered the time in High School, one Friday when a classmate and I took the stage to sing this song in front of the entire school! Sorry I cannot give credit to that classmate anymore as I can’t remember her. Since then my classmates would tease me and call me Journey which went on until College because i have a classmate in high school who became a classmate in college too, hey Enrico! ikaw yun. Well, Erik na sya nung college, and he never forgot to call me Journey then. Fast forward to now, i didn’t realize the song would mean so much to me and its meaning resonates my life in all its ups and many many downs.
What a journey it has been
And the end is not in sight
But those stars are out tonight
And they’re bound to guide my way

It may be a rocky journey for me but I know my stars – my family and good friends would be there to guide and lead the end is definitely not in sight, not for now.


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