Now Back to Regular Programming

Now back to regular programming…
I have read from a Facebook post that there’s going to be a Maginhawa Food Festival on the 11th of October in celebration of Quezon City’s 75th Anniversary. We have been frequenting this area so many times in the past. The first resto I’ve tried here is Pino and how I loved their Iced Tea, well actually Pino is in Malingap St. close enough to Maginhawa. . it was more than 3 years ago I think so the details are kind of hazy. But the sisig taco and the Bagnet kare kare was something vivid that even if 3 years have already passed the memory of the oiliness and crunch of the bagnet is still vividly imprinted in my palate.
After a year, we heard about the “make your own” burger concept resto and we were excited to try it out it was The Burger Project. The burger is great, concept was nice too. And the fact that you can name your creation was something awesome. But for the 5 times we went here. I never got the chance to name my burger creation and I was always getting the same ingredients – Pesto sauce for me, BBQ for Lay, bacon, mushroom, gruyere cheese, tomatoes, and mozzarella. So what does this translate to? Yes, I know I’m boring. I like the same things over and over and I never get tired eating the same stuff all the time. Just don’t give me adobo twice in a week. , except perhaps for the adobo Lay makes. Which according to our bolero son is the “best ulam” ever.
We’ve heard of a Mexican concept joint in Maginhawa from a friend so off we went and God I was so happy. I finally got to eat Chimichangas again. Since Mexicali closed in SM Fairview I miss eating their Chimichangas. I don’t know with you but I associate food with people and memories. Eating Chimichangas brings back our college days in UST when we would frequent Miggy’s in Dapitan. I remember Renee, Derrick, Ces and Rachel. I also recall going to the billiards place we usually hang out to to while away traffic which was near Miggy’s.
Actually that’s just an introduction. I am actually writing about a food find we (Lay and I) chanced upon three weeks ago. I am a carnivore. Bow. I will never be a vegetarian. I eat my veggies but I cannot for the love of God be on an all-vegetable diet. So when we bought this burger with vegetable patty. I thought to myself – I could have a change of heart. If all vegetable could taste like this I’m willing to give up my meat.
GburgerGood Burgers is a simple burger joint beside Mexican Express. The place lacks frills and frou frous but I don’t think it’s even needed. The taste of the product will transcend all lack of design this place has. menuEven the menu is simple. You have a choice between veggie and chicken patty. I find the chicken patty a tad too salty. For the three times we ate here I got the same BLT – I told you I’m not very fond of variety and changes. If I have found “the one” I don’t go looking out for another.
The place has a table inside and two tables outside for those who smoke. I just realized now why did I even brought up the food festival when for sure if we do go back to Maginhawa we would find ourselves staring at either the menu of Mexican Express or Good Burger.


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