All for the Best

I was overwhelmed by all the positive messages I have received from those who have read my last two posts. If you haven’t read it, no I’m not going to promote it because I have since taken it down. I didn’t realize there were people who apparently got offended by what I have written. I’m sorry, really if I did. Some would ask- offended? How? Well, honestly all I could think of while I was sitting on my throne in the rest room was they were offended by my grammatical errors, I know there are a lot. I am not an excellent writer. They might have been offended too, by the shallow depth of my content. Well, I’m not really a very profound person so that’s all there is to it. I’m just lucky enough to be able to string words together to form sentences that would be a part of a story I never meant to share but I am really amazed by how blogging works that I wanted to use all the tools in the dash board and the first one I saw was the “share” concept. Share on twitter, share on Facebook, share on Google mail, share everywhere. Ang saya di ba? Ika nga sharing is fun. And when I looked today my last post had 70++ share. Oops I should have taken that tiny detail to myself. Because I thought I only have 8 readers, my 2sisters, my husband, tatay, my 2 brothers in law, my mother in law. And my 6 year old daughter who I think would much prefer to play Hay Day than read my post. So that’s it. I have deleted the posts for all the good it would do to the world. So for those people who are excited to read the continuation, there won’t be a part 3. Probably when you order in bulk ng banana bread and cookies I would even give you the privilege of hearing the story straight from my mouth. So think about it ok?


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