My Apologies

I e been thinking about this since I woke up this morning. I realized I’ve been so insensitive comparing ALS with AVM. I would like to apologize to people whom I might have offended. You can never compare ALS with anything. The thing is, when you are struggling in your life you are oblivious to the pain of others and you only see your own pain. ALS is a class of its own. When you have ALS it’s like you are on a downward slide going to a bottomless pit. Like you are bound to be buried. So unless they find a cure, people with ALS have to content themselves with the now. And be totally dependent on others to live. I feel so ashamed of myself. I survived AVM. And when you do survive the bleed, there is no way but up. You just need to be determined to fight it and live through it. So what if it takes me 20 minutes to put on a shirt? At least I can still do it on my own even if it’s hard. So what if I can’t drive my car any longer? It’s even a miracle I could stand on my own.
So what if it takes 5 years before I could move my fingers? at least I have time to spare to play with my children while waiting for that to happen.
Again, I’m sorry and I know I can’t donate to ALS charities. But I will do what I can – and that is to pray for those who are suffering from it that they might have the courage to fight it and their families to not lose hope.


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