What I Miss

There are a lot of things I miss doing these days and, no, working is not one of them. I miss singing in the choir r the most. For people who know me well they know that I love to sing but very few know that I used to sing in the choir. Even if I want to brag that I have a good singing voice, unfortunately I don’t. That recognition belong to m our eldest, ate Dessa. But I do know that my voice is perfect for calling out drinks at the bar and I love being deployed as B1, I can call out drinks for hours and not get tired of it. Strategy lang pla kse ayaw gumawa ng drinks (para paraan! Haha).
The days I spent with AYC were the happiest back then. I can be with people who are grounded, talented and smart I don’t need to pretend to be someone else. They are all nice and we bonded over singing, kwentuhan, occasionally over san mig lights and at one time in a comedy bar.
Apart from singing in the choir I also miss singing period. Why? Well unfortunately. Apart from the mobility of my arm and leg my singing voice was robbed from me by this terrible disease. I remembered the first time I tried to c sing after I got discharged from the hospital. “The sun will come out tomorrow” but no voice was coming out of my throat. There’s actually something but only to a certain note. My surgeon doesn’t believe that it’s because of the bleed. It could probably be due to the NGT or the nasogastric tube that was inserted in my throat when I got admitted. I was in NGT for 20 days so it probably scratched or damaged my throat.my surgeon believes that I just need to practice singing more and so I did. But nothing changed im still more alto than ever.
I just want to share the church songs I loved to sing back then. We only sing song by the Bukas Palad Ministry. I remembered we even went to Ateneo to watch their concert. This first one is Awit ng Paghahangad.

The second one is Awit ng Isang Alagad. Kuya Tom rarely include this in our repertoire i dont know why, i guess because there are more girls in the group than boys but i still love to sing it even if i cant reach some of the notes.


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