Summer Lovin’

Being a mother is hard, harder when you are physically challenged. Kids do not yet understand even if you try to make them. So what do you do if you have over 100 days of free time with them? I have made a list in my mind: practice reading and writing, pancake making, talent show, baking, as much as I would like to do arts and crafts. Honestly it’s quite difficult doing with just one arm. So the list gets cut short. I also have to check my stamina and endurance as well as my blood pressure. It doesn’t help that kids are impatient and wants to get on tasks on the time they want to so one lesson I learned: do not go announcing about your task not until you are really all set and prepared to start, otherwise they’ll just bug you endlessly and ask a million questions.
Kali and Zaki knows me to be an efficient mother. I get things done so fast and I multitask so well that I finish loads of things in a short amount of time. When I make a list of to-do things. I end up finishing them under the time I set myself to finish, adding a few tasks here and there. Fast forward to now: I move super slowly I cannot accomplish something without another person’s help. Well, I guess I’ll just have to admit to myself that it’s different now. It’s not like before. I need to accept the truth that I am not who I used to be but it doesn’t diminish my worth one bit. So going back:
We have done a lot of activities already:
March23- we baked chocolate chip cookies with the help of papa.Image
Early April – I printed their favourite characters and we did water colour activityImage
Mid April – we made mango refrigerator cake, it’s an easy recipe which is all about layering of ingredients so you can just give instructions to them.
April 19 – together with cousins Toni and Charli we did oatmeal facial and foot spa. This one’s a bit messy so you have to be sure you have towels ready. ate Amy helped us with scrubbing the feet of the little ones with a used tooth brush. And washing their face after the mask dried up.Image
And today may 2 we baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.Image

when you are physically challenged or say disabled. your disability should not stop you from becoming who you are to your family or your children. this is the least i could do for them. i know they have been traumatized by what happened to me. traumatized, specially the kids who are suddenly living a different life.


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