An Easter message of Hope

ImageI never thought I would be able to abandon my wheelchair ever. Yesterday was Easter Sunday. As usual I heard the mass on TV as it is quite difficult for me to go to our parish since the walk way is not flat it is sloping and a bit steep. Kuya Danny, the Lay Minister arrived around 9am to give me communion. House was chaotic with toys strewn all over the floor and clothes were waiting to be folded. Kids were running around like crazy with all pent up energy being released since they were also frustrated due to our Easter egg hunt activity that never happened. Lay had his hands and arms full with chores since yaya never came back from her day off from 2 days ago. He was helping Kuya jet jet with waxing our car and after that cleaned our room in the sweltering heat, summer cleaning at 38C.
When everything was in order in the house Lay asked if want to go to the mall. Of course I want to! But he challenged me by telling me we can’t bring a wheelchair anymore. I was hesitant at first but then realized that I will never progress if I don’t try to do things to be functional. Titan Jing and Julia went with us to help assist me if Lay needs to park or get the never helped that we are not familiar with the mall- FairviewTerraces it was our first time. We didn’t know where the parking area was. We don’t know the location of the restaurants.
I only had my cane and what bothers me was how to get on the escalator without causing any accident. I had to recall my therapists instruction which is up with the good leg first. I had to concentrate very well since this is not a flat and stationary surface, I had to overcome my fear. I also had to deal with people constantly looking at me like I’m an alien from mars. Good thing Lay and I had a talk about that earlier. He said that I shouldn’t be shy of my condition because I never wanted that for myself. He also said that people around me should be the one to adjust and not me. He also said that he is very proud of my progress and that boosted my spirit more than anything else. The escalator was not easy but doable. The two tweens we were with were both hungry and were constantly asking when are we eating. We had to find a resto and settled for Bon Chon in the garden area. I miss having coffee so we decided to go to Starbucks. Entering the store brought memories and it elevated my desire to go back to work.
It’s been only half a year. For me it was such a looong journey but many people think I was progressing faster than any one who suffered the same. I had to be reminded that what happened to me was not a minor stroke but a massive one. It is Easter Sunday and what the concluded Holy Week taught me was Christ suffered a lot for all of us but not once did He complain instead He was thinking of all our sins and how He can save all of us from condemnation while having to endure all the pain . Christ died but He was raised from the dead which sends a message of hope. Nothing is lost. Everything will be in order just have faith.


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