Visita Iglesia 2014

We started our own holy week tradition as a family 2 years ago when honestly  out of boredom on a MaundyThursday we decided to go on a Visita iglesia. Two years ago we were able to visit8churches. Our usual route would be 1. Holy Cross Parish in our subdivision 2. Ascension of our Lord Parish in Lagro 3. Mary the Queen Parish, Belfast 4. Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd – this one we can’t miss because this was where we got married 5.  Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish, Mindanao Avenue 6. St. Pio Chapel Libis Q.C.  7. Parish of the Holy Sacrifice UP Campus 8. St. Peter Parish Commonwealth Avenue.

The following year (2013) we started out a little late that’s why we only got to visit 7 churches because St. Peter was closed already at 10pm. We were with the kids then and they were so tired that by the 5th church they were already seen dozing in the car in between church visits.

This year as I really find it quite difficult to ascend and descend stairs we were only able to visit 3 churches.

Image1. San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Pleasant Homes San Jose Del Monte BulacanImage 2. Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd Fairview Q.C.  Image3. Holy CrossParishAmparo Subdivision I didn’t want to use a wheelchair anymore and insisted on just managing with a cane.e kids had to be left home since Zaki can’t go out of the house for another week as advised by the doctor due to his condition.on the first church we were welcomed by the Parish Priest Father Edmond who co incidentally was also on his own visita iglesia activity with some of his parishioners. on our 2nd church we chanced upon Father Edmond again and he asked how many churches have we visited a and we blurted out “its our 2nd pa lang Father e.”. I bet its  their groups’ 6th churchvisit already. I know its nothing to be ashamed of. anyway a Visita Iglesia is not a race nor a competition of quantity.

I felt proud of myself actually. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it any longer but with perseverance and faith nothing is impossible. I really wish and pray that come next year I would be able to do this without any aide (wheel chair or cane) I will try and do best in therapy to achieve this


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