my first blog post- september 2, 2008

my first blog post- september 2, 2008

Last Saturday was just surreal. I never thought I would see the four of them again play as a band that is why I consider it as one of my dreams. And the dream came true. For one blissful hour. It doesn’t matter that the concert had to be cut short, it’s all worth it. The money we paid which was a bit impromptu was so small compare to the fact that we would be able to see them live and listen to our favorite songs – songs of our high school. When Eheads played the first song, Alapaap, I almost cried. Lay jumped up and down and gave me high fives as he predicted that this would be their first song. The intro was perfect. People around us were cheering and singing along. People whose lives revolved around ultraelectromagneticpop sometime 15 years ago. When they sang Ligaya, the second song, memories of our high school corridor at Saint Patrick came into life. I remember walking along that corridor after the flag ceremony and hearing my guy classmates sing this song -“sagutin mo lang ako aking sinta’y walang humpay na ligaya”! Ely, Raymund, Marcus and Buddy smiled to the crowd and I can feel that they are overwhelmed by the huge crowd. The light in their eyes showed appreciation and surprise because after only 3 days of promoting a would-be free concert who would think that people would still be interested to pay P1370 and P840 respectively. The crowd was estimated to be at 10,000. There were also people outside the grounds who just listened and watched in the large monitors. I saw Buddy shook his head in disbelief, probably because after 6 years, their legions of fans are still alive and present to patronize them. They performed 15 songs on the first set. I can remember Alapaap, Ligaya, Sembreak, Kaliwete, Shake yer Head, With a Smile, Hey Jay, Toyang, Fruitcake, Huwag mo nang Itanong, Huwag kang Matakot. They also sang songs from their last albums. I was waiting for Magasin and Ang Huling El Bimbo but probably they’ll sing them on the second set which is yet to happen. When Ely’s sister went up to the stage to read a letter informing the crowd that the concert had to be cut short I was sort of disappointed. But later on I realized that this would not be the end of Eheads. They will play again. And when Ely gets better which I hope he does, they will finish the concert and I would definitely be there.


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