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yes I am. I am not delusional but despite my condition I still consider myself to be the luckiest girl in this world for being able to meet and be married to someone who is so self less, responsible, loving, thoughtful and romantic. my husband Lay is all that and more. we have been married for 8 years already. I have known him since October 1999,  a little more than 14 years already. we have been introduced and wegot to know each other more deeply over the phone. yes! telebabad talaga. the longest conversation we’ve had was 7 hours straight. and that was using an ordinary landline, meaning – not wireless phone. so you could just imagine how my back ached the next morning, I think my scoliosis worsened after that.

Eventhough personality-wise we’re miles apart, im your typical introvert while he’s the happy go lucky type. we share a lot of similarities. we both share undying loyalty and reverence for The Eraserheads. . Weboth love music, I love to sing while he heloves playing the guitar. and it was not surprising when we compare playlists and realize we listen to a lot of the same music genresand bands. we bothlisten to the same bands: silver chair, nirvana, red hot chili peppers, live, cake. and would you believe we both don’t like to eat the same food. while having lunch one time I asked him if he wants to have a piece of my ulam which was daing na bangus, because I don’t eat the middle part the bangus fat, and he doesn’t too. we both don’t like pork fat and chicken skin (when not fried).

when my avm hemorrhaged. I thought it was the end of the world for me. but my husbands presence made everything so bearable.Everyday is a constant struggle but I always look forward to the part of the day I would get to see him. God is such a loving God. because He knowsi would be needing someone like Lay so He sent him to me. every day I thank the Lord incessantly for this blessing. when im feeling so low my husband would always be there to support and cheer me up. he also enlightens me in such a way that my mind would be clearerand my outlook would be more positive. as he always remind me “Good vibes lang today ha?”


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