Daddy Joe celebrated his 72nd birthday in the rehab with the rehab staff and some of the patients including me, he even gave me a chocolate which melted my heart.

Daddy Joe Tupaz arrived in the rehab of CHMC around December and I was drawn to him immediately. he has a very soft voice and kind eyes , although he cries a lot its so easy to make him smile.

Daddy Joe is an engineer from Tacloban, Leyte. and during the wrath of Yolanda he was recuperating in the hospital. he wasdischarged  the day before the typhoon arrived which was a good thing, actually a blessing , because the hospital had been wiped away by the flood. His wife, mommy Bella  took him home in Palo, Leyte and during the height of the typhoon she had to carry daddy Joe, wheelchair and all, and placed him on top of the dining table. the water reached them up to their chest.. Mommy Bella really considers this their 2nd life and she feels very grateful to the Lord, that despite the condition of daddy they were able to survive .  they transferred to Manila to continue daddy’s therapies. but will very soon go back to Leyte.


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