Random Thoughts #1

a2289375280_10I have been a hemiplegic for four years and four months already, yes that long. But even with that, I don’t expect people to understand what happened to me, but if they ask or are curious, I would be willing to share my story, di naman ako madamot. I don’t expect people to know what happened to me, friends or relatives even if I’m the most active person in Facebook, because I know that they have their own lives to mind. Case in point, two weeks ago, some relatives visited our house, I was sitting in the garage, some people say that when I don’t stand up to walk, they wouldn’t suspect that I am a disable, parts of my face might show it, yes my face is still a bit distorted, or twitched, but it’s not very obvious. Well, I didn’t stand up to welcome them, I stay seated but eventually they went in , while they were in the living room I had to go to the bathroom and as I entered the living room limping they were surprised and even asked “ o anong nangyari dito?”. Like I said, I don’t mind if they didn’t know, I didn’t take offense specially when one of them apologized and told me, “ay sorry, hindi namin alam”. They probably were expecting earlier that I should have stood up and opened the gate for them.  Tatay explained to them and told my story. Again, I will repeat, I don’t expect people to understand or even know. But of course for people who do know my story and knew what happened to me, I would be the one to have expectations. It’s not easy for me to walk in unfamiliar surroundings, I don’t like to go to places that have not been inspected prior, ayoko ng nangangapa, I want to know if there are ramps, stairs or distant parking spaces, or if there’s even a parking for that matter.  It’s not easy to walk in even surfaces, much so in sloping floors. Nanay would always tell me to go to church and hear mass but I explained to her that with all the slopes in the church it’s a herculean task for me, actually I could try if I want to but what I fear the most is twisting my ankle, I’m already disabled, magiging double disabled pa?

I have so many fears. Being in my body, have I told you it’s difficult? To reach for something on the floor is very difficult but I can do it, I have the will, I have the power, if I set my mind to do something I will do it, hindi ako pabebe. 3 years ago I thought it would be impossible to get rid of my nurse but I have been bothered by the bills we have to pay, so to get rid of the nurse, I have to be able to do things on my own I need to be able to give myself a proper bath, I need to be able to feed myself, yes, like going to the kitchen getting my mug and prepare coffee, getting a plate, heat my bread and eat on my own. Taking a bath is not so difficult but getting dressed is. I had to watch you tube videos on how to wear brassiere with one working arm, happily I can report that yes, I can do it already. Of course you already know that I can cook and bake, but mind you, it’s with an assistant, and without her, sorry to say I can’t and wouldn’t be able to do it, that’s why I’m super grateful for the presence of Del, our house help. I can also clean our house on my own when Del isn’t around, I can sweep the floor and mop afterwards. Ohh how liberating it is to talk about the things that one can do. I don’t want to think about the things I cannot do. I will just focus on those that I can. But people drag you down sometimes. I have said that I don’t expect people to know and understand what happened to me, I mentioned it probably ten times already. But I also said that for those people who do know, I expect more, that’s why it hurts to know that some people perceive me as a snob just because I don’t approach them to have conversations, did I mention it’s not easy to walk? Do I need to be the one to go to you and kiss your ass? Mygahd. I hate drags. When I was living normally, I mean, back in the day when I was still normal, I am the most misunderstood person. I don’t blame people to think that way, because being me is truly polarizing. I cannot say that I have changed positively, but I am constantly trying. I try to compensate for those things that I cannot do. Say, I cannot go to you to mingle or build, or rebuild relationship or friendship, I will find a way to do so. Something that I’m probably good at.so don’t you even say that I’m not trying because you know that I do try, and sometimes, I try so hard, bordering on OA. Honestly, there are times when I don’t even want to try anymore. When that time comes, I hope to God, you remember.


Not a Parental Advice

To say that “raising” millennial kids these days is difficult is an understatement. You see, we could list a lot of things that makes parenting them tiresome and hard but i don’t want to go into that. Everything is hard period. that we have to face every single day.  So instead of going all shrink-like , I just want to make a suggestion of the things I do to make it easy to manage them. I have a 7-year-old and a 9-year-old who makes it their past time to fight all the time and finds immense satisfaction in telling me that they are bored. I realized back when I was their age I never bugged my parents about getting bored, instead i look for ways to entertain myself and make time fly, specially during the long hot summer days. These days they are so damn lucky having to go on out-of-town trips every summer sometimes more than twice. I can’t blame my parents for not being able to do that for us  back in the day, but hey, i never complained. I’m fine with our Betamax playerbetamax


(hindi VHS ha!) (with the fancy rewinder):)


🙂 and ogling at our cousins’ Atari next door watching them play  Pacman, Donkey Kong, Galaga and Pinball for hours, yes just watching.atari

Or maybe listening to our old trusty component and recording my voice on the cassette tape singing Air Supply or Francis M. See?, growing up in the 90’s is fun! specially  playing Langit Lupa, Patintero and Chinese garter outdoor .Now, they have Ipads flat screen TV’s with cable signal ,PS3’s ,Netflix,  Facebook! for crying out loud! and they still get bored! Of course, being the responsible parent we have to limit their screen times, I only give them a budget of 3 hours every week and only during Fridays and Saturdays, they have to decide if they want to consume all the 3 hours in one day or divide it in 2 days, up to them, generous na ko ng lagay na yan ah. And I’m happy that they don’t complain since they got used to it since I trained them for that beginning at an early age.

So going back to the activities, I tried teaching them some of the games the easy ones  like Taguan pong, Langit Lupa and Dr. Kwak Kwak. the rest were taught in school under MAPEH. but  others can be viewed on YouTube like these games:


TUMBANG PRESO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTQUF0huAbY

But lately, since its been raining most days and they are tired when they arrive home from school we just watch good old-fashioned movies from the 80’s and the 90’s. I really do think its great  for them to at least see how things are back then even just through old movies, and kse po ang hirap mag explain at magdescribe ano ba itsura ng  mga desktop computers dati, and the only adjective that works for me is Jurassic, and they’re not familiar with that yet. And lets face it, kids are visual learners, they will only listen for 5 minutes and their mind would wander off to lalaland, so why not capitalize on that visual aspect? We have been doing this for almost 2 weeks already and I can say that its kinda successful. you get to bond with them, educate them and they look forward to going home  and spending time with you every day!

The movies we have already watched are the following:

  1. et
  2. batteries not incl
  3. MV5BOTQ1NTg4MDAtOGU0OS00ZGQwLTliZjQtNDEzZjAzZGI5MjFjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTI4MjkwNjA@._V1_UY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_
  4. Honey_I_blew_up_the_kid_film_poster
  5. Parenttrapposter
  6. 220px-Richierichposter
  7. index
  8. big-movie-poster-1988-1010486510Forrest
  9. Speed_movie_poster
  10. american tail
  11. 51R1AD1Y6AL._SY445_


And our list is not yet done as we still have the following to watch:

  1. The Little Rascals
  2. Splash
  3. The Secret Garden
  4. Casper
  5. Problem Child
  6. Back to the Future
  7. Babe
  8. Addams Family
  9. Lady and the Tramp

There, I hope that helps you a little,feel free to add more titles on the list. Happy watching! Don’t forget the popcorn!




I used to not care at  all. Way back 2012 I was  living a very comfortable life, I have a successful career, i am earning  enough that I could afford the things I want, We  have travelled out of the country once, We can afford out-of-town vacations for our small family. Back then I couldn’t care less about the political environment of our country because I believe that for  as long as I and my husband  work hard we could provide for our family and have a little excess for leisure here and there. But accidents happen, and it is something we cannot really foresee and avoid , and yes, after that very unfortunate experience I am still alive to see things unfold in my country and in my own backyard. And it has changed my views entirely. I have become more practical, prudent, resourceful, vocal and super emotional. I have become in touch with the reality of the government’s role in each and every lives of Filipinos  specially those living in the poverty line.God has bestowed me with a generous family and with that we have managed to continue living comfortably, although it is still  a struggle, it is not as difficult as compared to others who really  can’t even afford to eat twice in a day. That is why I am very passionate and vocal about the support I give our current government because, honestly, I have seen real and dramatic change already, only those who are blinded cant see  that,  rather refuse to see that.I have been thinking of ways on how I could help even in my own little way, help our country, help our fellow Filipinos. believe it or not I cry at every indignation i encounter even just on social media.just this morning I shed a tear and my heart bled on the story of the 2 old T’boli farmer Renato and Amiya who escaped the cruelty of Hacienda Luisita.

tboliThese farmers left Mindanao on the promise of a good wage in return for working at Hacienda Luisita. But unfortunately nothing of that sort happened, they were not fed, they were overworked, they were not even compensated. I was so angry hearing their story that I wanted to smash Kris and NoyNoy’s face together until they bleed, isama mo na si Bambini.

Back to my previous thought of thinking of ways to help our country. Well, about a month ago I launched our small business Kali’s Kitchen, no this is not a plugging. I have always thought of having a business and it always gravitated towards food, retail and service, because its something I’m good at (self-proclaimed) haha. I actually wanted my own cafe and believe it or not I have all the plans, idea, concept, all that, ang wala lang ako ay pera. But I know in my heart mangyayari yun, hindi man ngayon, maybe in 10 years? 15 years? basta, bago ako mamatay mangyayari yun. So since, nag iipon pa ko ng pera for my cafe I will focus on making Kali’s Kitchen successful.And in my own little way I know that I am contributing to my country by patronizing fresh produce of our kababayan farmers .We buy from the market the vegetables i use for my products and the tuyo as well of our beloved fisherfolks. At least kahit sa maliit na paraan nakakatulong sa kanila. I mean I could go back to selling imported goods  (bags,perfume) which I used to do since its also easier to do and has a higher profit .Honestly, making bottled tuyo and atchara is a really tiring thing to do, specially with one hand , at the end of the day I am left with a sore  shoulder and an aching back  but all of those things seemed trivial when I receive positive feedback from those who have tried the products.Actually, I have sold  a lot already but
I have yet to see any profit since I’m selling it at  a very modest price.Sometimes I’m thinking itutuloy ko pa ba? (sorry, this is the pms talking). Pero talaga this early naiisip ko yun.

But when I think about the impending school year keber na lang sa pagod at puyat. tuloy natin to.I cant give up this early parang tanga ko naman. haay nawala na yung train of thought ko shet, I cant even relate my post dun sa title na nilagay ko enebeyen. Pasensya na po, at 1:27pm hindi pa nag breakfast sabaw pa ang utak at ayan inaantay ako ng ginagawa ko.


Ayan I remembered it na, After experiencing something really dramatic you get in touch with your humanity that really, when you think-  you think not only for yourself but you think of others as well. would you believe it? I have become patriotic that even listening to Lupang Hinirang makes my eyes water, I know drama right?

Change has indeed come upon me.and I will not top saying whats in my mind and in my heart marindi man kayo sakin.So please yung mga sumusubok idestabilize ang gobyernong ito makakarma kayo! ‘itaga nyo yan sa bato! Tutubuan ng kulani buong katwan nyo mga leche kayo!Hindi ako makakasama sa rally pero hindi ako titigil murahin kayo at isumpa mga pinaggagagawa nyo! Yun lang! Bye!





Give it a try


One thing I have learned from testing recipes is that: you wouldn’t know until you try.I have never made atchara in my life. Yesterday was my first attempt to try making one, and although it tasted ok, I wasn’t satisfied so I had to make a new batch with a few tweaks here and there. I was also hesitant to try tasting the brine solution just because its brine for crying out loud, but how can I know if it’s the right mix if I won’t taste it right? So I went ahead and tasted the brine, and I was glad I did. You see, We all do things the first time, all of us, first time to ride a bike, first time to color our hair, first time to travel alone , first time to dive into a relationship. And whatever the outcome of those firsts, at least you  have some kind of benchmark to refer back to. Just imagine if you didn’t try you wouldn’t even know that ash brown is really not your colour or that heartache is indeed a part of loving someone and that travelling alone is such a liberating experience.

As with my case, if I didn’t try making atchara I wouldn’t be able to realize that I could give those popular brands a run for their money. char.



Gourmet Tuyo

Necessity is the mother of invention. Just like how the Wright brothers successfully invented the first airplane in 1903.they werent satisfied with just a glider . they wanted something more powerful so they worked on the propulsion system  and as they say, the rest is history. So what does an airplane got to do with tuyo ? Well, first I think that out of necessity gourmet tuyo came about because of course we know that tuyo doesn’t really smell as nice as it taste, and it doesnt sit well with a lot of people. Secondly, it’s not easy to transport something that literally stinks, of course people doesn’t want to be embarrassed getting held up in the immigration office of an airport in a far away country you wanted to bring that dried fish to. And lastly, not all people have the diligence to get up extra early in the morning just to fry a stinky fish  and have the house smell so bad. And so the birth of gourmet tuyo. Today I’m making a batch for my brother-in-law who’s going back to Riyadh tomorrow. I have already achieved the taste I wanted for my gourmet tuyo after numerous testing and  sampling. I wanted something that is salty, aromatic, a little sweet and has a little tanginess so i don’t need to dip it in vinegar. Guys, I really worked hard for this kaya bumili kayo ha hehe. I also used only the best ingredients . unlike some gourmet tuyo in the market which substitutes corn oil for evoo, i only use pure extra virgin olive oil and for now im still using smoked paprika from Trader Joe’s o di ba soshal? hehe, ngayon lng muna inuubos ko lng, next time baka Mc Cormick na lng which is ok pa din nman. To those waiting for the availability of my gourmet tuyo, konting tiis na lng malapit na promise. may pa antay pang ganap hehe. marketing strategy lam nyo na


This is it!

Yesterday morning our oven arrived and my! I was so excited! It was just as I envisioned it to be except for the color. I actually wanted a cotton candy pink oven but of course, it was not just mine but the husband will be using it too, nakakahiya naman sa kaartehan ko. So of course, we had to make a compromise. and since he has such a good taste and reasoning I let him choose the color and he chose bronze.Reason? he really likes the color of the new Fortuner, so kahit sa oven na lang parang naka Fortuner na din kami. I dont think the picture captured the color though, sayang.



To those asking, we actually bought it from Bakewil Manila located in:  722 Jose Abad Santos Avenue near Quiricada Street, Tondo, Manila
Telephone: 401-7877
Mobile: +63 917 8919645/ +6399 85371090

they have a website too



They actually deliver for a cost, and i like that they customize the oven to your liking.


Kali’s Kitchen

I have decided to make good use of my time and help Lay (the hubby) with finances by putting up a small home-based business(that i hope you will all support). At this stage I am actually testing recipes first to make sure that hindi ako mapapahiya sa inyo. Yesterday I made Gourmet Tuyo in would you believe it? extra virgin olive oil, soshal di ba? oh well, wala kaseng regular olive oil so I made use of that for the meantime. We will be able to taste the sample by Saturday pa cause according to instruction it needs to sit for at least 5 days to incorporate all the flavors.Aside from Gourmet Tuyo there are other goods we plan to make, and with the help of a genetous aunt we are able to buy a big oven for this endeavor, thanks auntie! So far, here’s the list:


Gourmet Tuyo


Chili Garlic Oil

Bangus  Sardines, Spanish Style


Food for the Gods


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Banana Bread

Carrot Bread

Cream Puff

I am so proud of myself cause I was able to make our own logo, yun nga lang may watermark  :]